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Blogging on Instagram? Of course!

Blogging may have started out as just a way for people to record their daily events, but it has fast gained a lot of popularity. With the blogging trend becoming more popular, it is also an increasingly lucrative profession. Whether you’re blogging part-time, full-time, making your living or just as a hobby, there’s a high chance that you want to have a good blogging platform. 

BloggingThere are several platforms available today, but they’re far from being equal. The most common blogging platforms are the ones that were especially created for this purpose. However, there are now social media platforms that also double for blogging and all its related activities. Apart from the usual Blogger, Squarespace, and WordPress, more and more bloggers are looking towards social media for increasing their outreach. In fact, some bloggers may only focus on one major social media platform as their primary blogging world.

One of these platforms is Instagram, which is presenting itself to be the most happening place for startups, PR, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has something to say. When working on such a platform, one can be sure of reaching the young, happening, and hip crowd. It’s hence a perfect medium for blogging or microblogging, which is a way of updating followers about additions to your blog. 

What is Microblogging?

Some may think microblogging is the same thing as blogging on a smaller scale. However, it’s actually a different concept altogether. One cannot really have a blog and make it a microblog at the same time.

Microblogging  is the act of utilizing a social media profile or page for sharing your top-quality content with those who follow you. This is like posting a short blog post about your actions.

Source: Blogging Pro

If we’re talking about Instagram, this is really one of the best platforms for announcing a blog update. One picture with some words or an attractive photograph with an engaging caption, and Instagram followers would eagerly check it out.

However, microblogging also consists of posting something that’s original just on Instagram, and not just directing your followers to another site. There are several advantages to microblogging in this manner on Instagram. These include:

  • Focusing on something that may not be relevant to your current blog. for instance, you may blog about writing, but may want to talk about a recipe you tried out the other day.
  • Develop yourself as a brand and as a social media influencer in several niches.
  • Reach out and explore different options, strategies, and topics of interest. it’s good to have a backup plan in case something happens with your main blogging platform.

When you post something on Instagram that’s related to your main blog, you stand to gain several benefits as well. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Giving teasers about upcoming or recent posts, such as little tips and tricks that you may have revealed in them. You can accomplish this through graphics, captions, or even infographics.
  • Screenshotting your post to spread information about it and raise curiosity.
  • Adding value to what you have to say. For instance, if you’re going to be posting something about women’s rights, it’s good to market this post on Instagram before and after you post it. This would make sure more people read it and benefit from it.

Ideas for Instagram

There are several ways in which your blogging or microblogging on Instagram could make a difference. Depending on what your goals are, your efforts in this direction could take you quite a few strides forward in achieving them. Below are just a few ideas for what you could do when blogging with Instagram:


If you know how to do something well, there’s nothing stopping you from making a how-to video or post and making it public on Instagram. You don’t need to have a diploma or certification for this, as long as the methods you use are safe and actually work.

Ideas for tutorials could include showcasing a recipe, DIY craft, and life hack or just being yourself developing an idea. You may even make a tutorial on how you get around to writing and blogging every single day. Take a look around and gain some insight into your routine. If you do something in a lucrative, enjoyable, or productive manner, chances are that there’s a huge audience out there just waiting to hear from you.

Do it yourself (dyi)

Instagram largely depends on visuals, so a picture or video tutorial is best for such a platform. Be sure to use the relevant hashtags in order to come up on relevant searches. This would also mean that more viewers would see it come up on their feed. For the most effective hashtags, you can look up a list online or just see what seems to be relevant and trending these days.

Special Instances

If you’re a blogger who’s known for posting delicious recipes, you may consider posting a unique picture of your family eating up your creation on Instagram. You may also want to change up the theme of the pictures according to the season and the goal behind the original recipe, craft, or tutorial. For instance, if you made a batch of cupcakes for your local orphanage, you can show how the kids are enjoying them.


Things like these are best suited to Instagram because you don’t really have to show the original intent of your post. You can share things that may seem extra on your blog, or those that may get shunted to the sidelines otherwise. With a posting on Instagram, these outtakes may get a new life and boost your popularity even further! 

Discuss Serious Issues

If you’re passionate about a certain societal issue, you should certainly look towards Instagram for some stimulating discussion. There’s mostly a young crowd on this social media platform, which should provide plenty of spirited dialogues about feminism, politics, animal rights, abuse, etc. Not only would you be able to share your thoughts with like-minded people, but you may get some great rebuttals to enhance your thinking of the station.

Of course, it’s essential that one keeps such discussions within the limits of basic civility and mutual respect. Once you start a discussion, be open to all rejoinders and opinions. Creating a dialogue over a serious problem in society may lead to several people thinking about it and probably taking some action when the time is right.

Instagram is also a great place to inform one’s followers about rallies, sales, workshops, and several other calls to action. As mentioned above, the crowd there is mostly made up of the millennial generation and would be more responsive to their Instagram feeds than an announcement on a Blogger or WordPress blog.

What Does it Take to Be Successful Blogger?

If you really want to make it big by blogging on Instagram, you’re going have to put in some serious effort. No one gets Instagram-famous in a day, a week, or even a year for the most part. Until and unless they do something spectacular or a serious incident happens to them, you can be sure that every Instagram celebrity has worked hard for that fame.

If you’re just starting out with your Instagram blogging, below are some habits and essential steps you need to cultivate. These would generally apply whether you’re an individual blogger or a social media marketer for a company:

Putting in Time and Effort on Your Bio

The bio is usually the main introduction you’d give to anyone who’s considering following you on Instagram. Granted, it’s not the first thing they’d see (that’s probably the post that interested them into clicking on over to your profile), but it’s the first glimpse they’d get of what your work is all about. Simply speaking, you may not get any followers aside from your family and friends if your bio isn’t enough to make an impression.

Microblogging on Instagram - example

Hence, make sure your Instagram bio is on point by getting the following aspects right:

  1. The profile picture: If you’re representing a brand, use their logo. This would leave no doubt about just what kind of profile one is on. No one can then complain about getting advertisements or information about deals. In fact, you would know that your followers are looking for information on just this brand. The logo itself should be something classy yet representative of what the brand offers. 
  2. The Website Address: This is probably the only place within Instagram where one can set a link that takes someone out of the platform. You should have something like this on your profile so that people know where to go if they want more of your stuff. This could be your blog outside of Instagram or an online storefront. Regardless, it would certainly get more hits if its link was on a popular Instagram profile. 
  3. Description: This is something like the bio, but more to the point. Inform viewers just what you’re here for and what your account would give them. Keep it as short as possible, preferably under three seconds of reading time. 
  4. Business or Regular: Many experts would recommend that you always identify your profile as a business one if you represent any kind of company. Even if you’re a non-profit agency, you would want this option for the sake of legitimization if nothing else.

Know Your Audience

There’s no sense in being active on Instagram if you don’t know who you’re posting for. Sure, you may just be doing it for fun, but blogging on this platform takes knowledge about the target audience. You can make us of hashtags to find out just what the average Instagram follower is looking for.

Size of Account

Your Instagram strategy would also depend on the account size you’re keeping. A small account should use small hashtags, or those that are not used so regularly. If you’re posting for a large account, use hashtags that have a higher usage. You can measure this by making sure that the size of your account reflects around 10-20% of the hashtag’s use. For instance, if you have 10,000 followers, you should use hashtags that have around 100,000 to 200,000 posts.

Have Your Own Voice

Copying someone else’s tone and voice never really works out; whether it’s in Instagram or in real life. It may get some laughs and curiosity raised, but not real success or interested followers. The key here is to develop a unique tone to your posts, so that like-minded people would be more inclined to follow you.


A good tip here is to be true to yourself and what you love; that is, if you’re just posting on your own behalf. If you love puns, you’d find a multitude willing to follow you and take up the punny threads. Along with this, you could also be uniquely you, with rants, giggle, and basically showing what a joy you are to follow. Not only would this make your profile more authentic, but it would make your marketing efforts all the more effective.


Whether you’re part of a new start-up or just one person trying to live your passion, Instagram is an extremely worthy platform to get started on. Its hyper visuality, its organic traffic, and the high level of usage would give rise to responsiveness and effectiveness. Thus, it’s perfect for shouting out your message to the world and getting it heard by the right people.

However, one must keep in mind that gaining Instagram followers is not easy by any means. You don’t just need an audience; you need an engaged one that is likely to take action upon what you have to say. This could be stirring up passion for a project or cause, or it could also be making huge sales. Hence, you need to understand just how important a social media role is. Investing time, money, and effort in this area would hence be unlikely to go to waste.

Being an Instagram blogger is also about being part of a huge crowd where everyone is trying to get everyone’s attention. You want to get the right kind of attention at the right time, so watch your step and don’t let up on giving it your best.

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